As benefit expenses continue to rise, employers are shifting more costs to employees and implementing benefit design changes to reduce expenditures. Today’s employee retention strategies require innovative benefit offerings, while simultaneously maintaining low costs. We will assist you in customizing a voluntary benefit platform that will seamlessly integrate with your current benefit philosophy. Your employees will have access to relevant insurance products, many of which have discounted rates.

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Auto, Home, and Renters Insurance
This program allows your employees to secure auto, home, and renters insurance at discounted rates not available to the general public. These are products that most of your employees are required to have either by law or to satisfy loan requirements on their home. Other personal insurance products are available and include coverage for: seasonal or secondary homes, flood, rental dwellings, umbrella liability, valuable articles and recreational vehicles.
Critical Illness
Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, chances of recovery from a critical illness such as a heart attack, cancer, or stroke have greatly improved. Although medical plans provide coverage for health care expenses arising from those accidents, there are many expenses that remain uncovered. Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit that can help preserve the financial condition of an employee if they experience a covered condition.
Dental Insurance
Studies confirm the strong connection between oral health and an individual's overall health. Various dental plans are available that include coverage for preventative, basic, and major services. Individual and family plans are available.

Disability Income
Short Term
Short Term Disability (STD) is designed to replace a portion of income if an employee becomes disabled due to a covered accident or illness and is unable to work. STD can supplement a modest State Statutory Disability benefit and can also provide coverage for the period of time between when an accident or illness occurs and when a long term disability policy starts to pay a benefit. Typical STD policies cover periods from 12 to 52 weeks.

Long Term
Long Term Disability (LTD) provides coverage if an employee is unable to work due to a covered accident or illness. The policy pays a benefit equal to a portion of wages when the employee cannot work because of a long-term disabling illness or accidental injuries that happen on or off the job. LTD assists an employee in satisfying their daily financial obligations until they are able to return to work.

Legal Plans
A group legal plan is designed to provide affordable legal services to your employees. Coverage is purchased on an annual term and employees are charged a flat fee. Employees have access to their choice of over 10,000 attorneys nationwide that will consult them on a variety of issues ranging from traffic defense to debt collection.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance serves as a foundation for any financial plan whether employees are single or have a family. They can provide security to their family's financial future by purchasing life insurance. Rates are based on an employee's age and health when coverage begins. The policy provides coverage anywhere in the world and covers all causes of death ranging from illness to accident.

Long Term Care
Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance is designed to cover the cost of long-term health care for employees who have a condition that prevents them from functioning on their own. LTC is considered an important part of a retirement plan because it transfers an employee's financial risk to an insurance company. Employees can have access to the health care they need without experiencing major depletion of financial assets.

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance is a product that offers pet owners the opportunity to manage the unknown financial risk associated with their pet's future healthcare costs. Pet Insurance offers peace of mind that goes with the knowledge that an employee can afford to provide their pet with the best veterinary care available at all times.

Vision Insurance
Vision Insurance allows employees to receive the necessary eye care they need at very reasonable costs. Eye care not only focuses on the eyes but also overall wellness and can detect signs of serious health conditions like glaucoma, hypertension, diabetic eye disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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